G’Day, I’m an Australian entrepreneur available for interviews about digital marketing, online training and ecommerce.

A little bit about me

There are lots of twos in my life; 2 daughters, 2 sons, 2 businesses, 2 rabbits, but just 1 wife.  That might sound idyllic but my journey has included many undesirable destinations. Perhaps that’s a good thing. A good thing for me, as character is forged in fire. And good for you, as I have stories to tell that will teach and entertain your audience.

If you have a podcast, YouTube channel or event that requires an expert to speak on any of the above topics then feel free to get in touch. I have extensive speaking experience having been a long-time reader & presenter on Sydney’s 2RPH as well as my Site Skills YouTube channel that boasts over 18K subscribers and 3.6 million views. I own a Rode Podcaster microphone, Logitech webcam, Lume Cube lighting and a stable, high-speed Internet connection.

Ask me about ...

Owning & operating my own business, RickSure
Dec 1995 – Present

Working from home
It sounds like the dream but, it’s not for everyone.

Filling big shoes  
I am the son of one of Australia’s radio pioneers.

Digital marketing

Founder, DOLLARS Digital Marketing
This is where it all began back in 1995, before the days of Google and Amazon. Learning was very much a case of trial and error as there were no books or tutorials on how to build a website.

Online training

Do It Together
Despite my love for on-demand training, it has a history of poor completion rates. My new “Do It Together” solution gets results as it combines live training with custom development for a fraction of the price of hiring an agency.

Founder, Site Skills
Do It Together digital marketing solutions for small and medium enterprises. I started this business out of necessity when I needed to create some tutorials for the Joomla CMS.


Retail > Wholesale > Ecommerce
My love for sales started when I worked for Sony at both the retail and wholesale level. I didn’t know it then but that experience was invaluable when it came time to sell my own products.

Founder, DIY Kits 
It was started as a sideline but took an unwanted turn when one of the kids got seriously sick. Now I have a story to match my products; “how building models helped restore my sanity after serious trauma.”

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